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A growing business and a growing responsibility

As market leaders in Europe, Russia and Asia, and with 9500 employees in 40 different markets, our business has a global impact. With this influence comes a responsibility to build a sustainable business.

At Hilding Anders we know that sustainable business practices are the base for building a financially sound future. We believe that a more efficient use of resources, consistently ethical behaviour and greater compliance will increase value for our shareholders and stakeholders.

During the past years we have implemented a new action plan covering operational, organisational and financial excellence regarding an overriding sustainability approach. The plan goes hand-in-hand with on-site gap analyses and training activities, and is a natural part of yearly planning.

Our Code of Conduct

Our daily actions, as well as our larger business decisions, impact the value we provide for our stakeholders. Our Code of Conduct ensures that we act responsibly in all we do, and towards all our contacts. All Hilding Anders employees are expected to be familiar with the Code of Conduct and follow it in their daily work.

The Code of Conduct covers the following key areas:

  • Business Control – Clarifies how we steer and follow-up on laid plans and create stakeholder and shareholder value.
  • Health & Safety – Outlines our efforts to secure equal and humane working conditions for all our employees.
  • Environment – Describes the impact our operations have on the environment and the actions we take to decrease our impact.
  • Ethics – Sets forth the ground rules for how we conduct our business and avoid any improper behaviour.